28 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

28 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

We’re happy to share with you some of our best expertise on how to increase the performance of your website. Once you see the returns you can get by taking a few steps, you may even choose to turn the rest over to us.

First Things First: Getting Ready for Traffic!

Before you spend a great deal of time, energy, or money in an effort to generate traffic to your website, you need to make sure your website is ready for traffic. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions when getting your site ready:

  • Is your phone number easy to see and at the top of the page?
  • Is your website inviting and easy to navigate?
  • Do you have a detailed ‘About Us’ page? This is very important so potential customers get to know you.
  • Visitors decide if your site is relevant to their needs in only a couple seconds. They only spend time exploring sites that pass this first impression—that’s why you need to make sure your site is solid.
  • Does your website have an effective call to action? One that actually increases the likelihood that your visitors will take that oh-so-important first step towards becoming a customer?
  • Avoid thick bodies of text! Website browsers don’t read—they scan. Use short bodies of text broken into sections with subtitles—making it very easy to get the gist of the message very quickly.
  • Don’t be scared of white space.

Keyword Research

  1. Keyword Research is critical when starting out. This article will help you to understand the value of keywords, where the greatest opportunities lie, and help you focus your efforts. “Keywords” aren’t just catch-phrases—they reflect what’s on your potential customers’ minds, and from what angle you can best compete for those customers.  Start with this important step.


  1. Create a solid body of original, quality content relevant to your readers that addresses questions, needs, and concerns. This is job #1. Without quality content, the challenge of creating traffic (and rankings) turns a hill into Mt. Everest!
  2. Come up with a plan to create quality, compelling, helpful, original content on a regular basis. Does somebody work for you that can update the blog on your new website twice a week using keywords relevant to your industry?

Want to find a good ghost writer to write for you? Wish you could jot down a blog post about your business in an email quickly and have somebody ‘clean it up’ and post it on your blog and on social media site? We can complete these important tasks for our clients here at Saw Web Marketing.

There are several ways you can create eye-catching content:

  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Controversy
  • Humorous or interesting infographic
  1. Once you start getting readers to your blog, engage with them. Answer any questions, be grateful, and always offer a lot of value!
  2. Use tags on your blog posts.
  3. Make a list of friends, family, and business associates. Shoot them an email, or give them a call and ask them “Which one thing would you suggest changing on my website to make it better?” Don’t feel like you need to change all the things, but you might recognize a common theme, and if nothing else, they may refer others.
  4. Add video to your site. This keeps visitors on your site longer and increases the chance visitors will take the next step.
  5. Upload video from your business to Youtube and/or Vimeo and other video sharing sites to build links and generate traffic.
  6. Comment on related videos on Youtube.

Off-Site Content

  1. Research the rich subject of guest blogging. If you put the time and energy into creating original, compelling content relevant to your industry, I assure you there are other business owners in the same boat who would love to share your content with their readers in exchange for a link back to your site.
  2. Participate on message boards, forums, and blogs that are relevant to your industry and are well-known or authoritative. Comment, answer questions, and help others.
  3. Press releases can be an excellent source of links and traffic. Have you started offering an additional service or moved or expanded your office? Have you made a significant hire or have news to share about your industry? This is great material for issuing a press release.
  4. Don’t miss any opportunities to be interviewed in writing, audio, or video.
  5. Funnel traffic from popular websites like Craigslist, eBay, Wikipedia. Think of ways you can offer something of value and leave a link to your website.
  6. Put social media to work! Create an account with the most popular social media platforms and use those accounts to share the content you are creating for your blog.

Ensure Search Engines will Find and Credit Your Content

  1. Learn about the importance of ‘internal linking.’  This is important to make sure Google finds all your pages, plus we all fall victim to somebody copying and pasting our content eventually. If they are lazy, the content they steal from you will at least contain a link back to another page from your site.
  2. Install and optimize your site using the Yoast plugin if you are using WordPress. This is a exceptional tool in optimizing the content on your site and making sure it is Google-friendly.
  3. On Page Optimization, to get the most out of your site, ensure that the search engines can crawl your site, and can identify what’s on all its pages, and that there is enough original, quality content for them to index it properly.

(Indexing is essentially filing your site in the right place, so when a visitor searches for something relevant to your industry, Google knows right where to find it.)

Link Building

  1. Build Links! Build links! Build links! Ethically and naturally. Don’t pay for any kind of automated service. Don’t trade or exchange links. No matter what, don’t buy links! Here is a helpful article to start ethically and naturally building links to your site.
  2. Add social media sharing buttons to your site and your blog posts, and encourage your readers to like and share.

Attract People to Your Site with an Offer for Free Information

  1. Put some thought into it. Do some research. Check out companies that do what you do in other parts of the country, and come up with a powerful call to action to entice visitors to your site to exchange their email address for something of value. Give your best content away for free!

Email Marketing

  1. Don’t let visitors to your site become meaningless clicks. Do some research into email marketing, and put this incredible low-cost marketing tool to work for you.

Other Online Tools & Tips

  1. Put some time into learning and using Google Webmaster Tools. This rich resource can help you submit your site to Google (free), understand how Google sees your site, diagnose potential problems, learn what keywords are sending traffic to your site, and much more.
  2. Use tools to improve the load speed of your site! This is an important factor to the search engines—visitors do not have the patience for a website to load.
  3. Remember that time is an important factor with any new website. Patience is key. Take steps to spread the word and don’t get frustrated. You are planting seeds, and they will grow. Keep plugging away at the items on this list and your website traffic will increase!

Offline Networking & Promotion

  1. Join communities relevant to your industry.
  2. Hold free classes or seminars teaching a particular skill that will interest and attract your customer base.
  3. Get your website address on all of your marketing materials, your sign on the street, your business cards, your personal Facebook page, on pamphlets, and in the signature line of your email. Include it on a sign for your vehicle. Place it anywhere you can think of to get the word out!

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  1. Nice round-up of helpful ideas, Matthew; gave you a shout in this post http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/weekly-marketing-skinny-april-2-2013/.

    • You rock! Thanks Ana. I recommend your site to all the presentations I give and all my clients. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. All these things are very good but you need more than this to bring quality traffic to your website. I do the following things

    1. Writing Articles and submitting to hub pages and other articles directories
    2. Installing and running wts traffic magnet 2.0. Which gives you direct hits not referred hits like traffic exchange websites.
    3. Working with submissions for directories and search engines
    4. Working on SEO of your website

    hope this helps somebody

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  6. Very good advice and the better is to build links, relevant to yours, every day, systematically.

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