Reserve your Childrens’ Names as Domain Names Today!

Did you know that for as little as $10 you can own your name as a domain name?

Why this is a good idea?

It’s hard to say in today’s rapidly changing society all the reasons you might have wished you had reserved your name before somebody else did:

  • Starting a new career, possibly in a field where branding your name would be very helpful.
  • Keeping distant friends and family up to date, sharing photos, etc. You could choose to put up a simple website that you can update yourself.
  • More control over your reputation if somebody with the same name becomes famous (or infamous).
  • Kids today are inheriting a world where consistent social identity is important. Kids without that will be at a disadvantage. Some media-savvy parents are even purchasing their baby’s domain name, along with setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts—before the child has even been born! It is not just the celebrity crowd securing their children’s names in cyberspace, as more parents recognize the growing influence of social media and maintaining a professional reputation online.

This is just plain good common sense in today’s age of ever-changing technology and the influence of social media. When I reserved my oldest son’s name, I told him I had if he needed it someday. Less than three days later, he came to me with an idea for creating his own simple e-commerce website! How cool is that?

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